Complex & Commercial Litigation

Litigation needs solutions.

Complex commercial litigation impacts the bottom line and distracts a company from profit-centered pursuits. A company's finances, employees, management, and reputation may be affected. Clients dealing with complex litigation need a solution. Sometimes that solution requires early resolution; sometimes that solution requires trial. Regardless of the strategy, clients need to feel confident and comfortable with their litigation counsel.


Litigation needs efficiency.

We are seasoned litigators with experience at trial and on appeal. Our litigation style is aggressive, efficient, and result-oriented; we will not back down, working hard for the outcome our clients deserve. We pay particular attention to advancing our client's interests through efficient discovery and key dispositive motion practice to maximize the opportunity for a successful outcome in the shortest time.


Litigation needs balance.

While some clients desire an aggressive approach to bring the matter to trial quickly, other clients may take a more conciliatory path with a goal of a negotiated settlement that preserves important relationships. Our aggressive advocacy is balanced by appropriate consideration of our client's business objectives, employing creative strategies to meet those goals, including early pre-suit facilitation where appropriate.


Litigation needs experience.

Our experience with sophisticated commercial litigation includes a wide variety of matters such as breach of fiduciary duty, business torts, commercial fraud, breach of contract and contract interference, insurance disputes, construction disputes, unfair competition, professional liability and real estate disputes. We represent our clients in state and federal courts, and throughout the country with the permission of the local courts. 


Representative cases include:

  • Defense of corporation and its officer sued for tortuous interference with contract, misappropriation of trade secrets, unfair competition and violation of the Unfair Trade Practices Act.
  • Defense of Condominium Association and board members against claims concerning failure to enforce building restrictions.
  • Multiple insurance coverage actions seeking declaratory relief as to additional insured coverage under subcontractor and general contractor policies of insurance for property damage.
  • Negotiation of dispute between franchisor and franchisee over alleged breach of franchise agreement.
  • Actions on behalf of commercial landlord against tenant for summary proceedings for eviction of tenant and payment of unpaid back rent.
  • Action on behalf of a limited liability company against members to determine member rights under an LLC agreement and seeking declaratory relief for interpretation of operating agreement.
  • Action on behalf of limited liability partners against managing member for breach of contract and breach of fiduciary obligations.
  • Defense of actions based upon rights claimed through factoring agreements.
  • Defense of employer against claims of improper calculation of sales commissions and proper calculation of business revenue.
  • Suit on behalf of employer against former employee for enforcement of non-compete, non-solicitation agreement.
  • Suit on behalf of supplier to enforce manufacturer's payments obligations on a requirements contract.
  • Defense of corporation and its officers against an action seeking to pierce the corporate veil.